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Contractor College webinars offer fresh and relevant contractor training several times a month and cover business and technical topics. Webinars are simple and easy to attend with options to interact or listen only.

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Attending a Webinar is Easy

Registering for a webinar requires only:
  • a pc or laptop computer
  • a few bits of information and your PDCA member ID

Try one out! Webinar registration links are posted in our Members-Only section and in the weekly PDCA newsletters. Once you register, a link will be sent to your email, and you click that link to get into the live webinar. You don’t have to talk to anyone--speakers speak, and you listen! Feel free to type your questions into a dialogue box for presenters to answer your specific concerns at the end of each webinar. 

Contractor College business/technical webinars are a PDCA membership benefit, hosted live on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 4:00 PM Central. Million Dollar Roundtables are open to all members, especially owners of million-dollar businesses, and take place on the second Tuesday of every month at 12:00 pm Central. Get To Know PDCA webinars are welcome/orientation webinars for new members, and occur on the 2nd Wednesday of Every month. 

View the webinar schedule below, and check out the monthly E-Colors newsletter to register for a webinar!

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2018 Paint Ed Education Webinar Schedule


  • January 10, 1 PM CT Get To Know PDCA - New Member Welcome / Orientation
  • January 10, 4 PM CT - The Power of Fanatical Clarity with Tom Reber 
  • January 17, 4 PM CT - Employee Handbooks and HR Policy For Small Business with Oginga Carr
  • January 23, 3 PM CT - New/Small Business Roundtable Call
  • January 24, 3 PM CT - Tipping Point Roundtable Call
  • January 24, 4 PM CT - The Art and Science of Creating Estimates and Proposals with Tom Droste
  • January 25, 3 PM CT - Million/+ Roundtable Call


  • February 15, 4 PM CT- How To Gain an Unfair Advantage Against Low-Priced Competitors


  • March 14, 1 PM CT - Get To Know PDCA - New Member Welcome / Orientation
  • March 14, 4 PM CT - Doing Business With Millennials
  • March 28, 4 PM CT - A Contractor’s Guide To Building a Data/Logistics System In Google (For FREE!)


  • April 11, 1 PM CT - Get To Know PDCA - New Member Welcome/Orientation
  • April 11, 4 Pm CT - The 3 Keys To Getting Out Of the Day-To-Day In Your Painting Business with Danny Kerr
  • April 18, 4 PM CT - Contracts That Cover Your Assets with Randy Fornoff
  • April 25, 4 PM CT - Securing and Using a Business Loan To Build a Better Business with Matt Palmisciano


  • May 9, 1 PM CT - Get to Know PDCA - New Member Welcome/Orientation