The National PDCA Safety Achievement Award recognizes outstanding service and contributions in the field of safety.

 The PDCA Insurance, Safety, and Loss Control Committee established the Safety Achievement Award in 1995 to recognize the efforts of member companies who have made a commitment to safety in the workplace by demonstrating and providing evidence of their success in controlling accidents and losses within their companies.

Proper safety in the workplace is an essential ingredient in protecting employees. Construction related work is dangerous and every effort should be made to assure employees will be as safe as possible. PDCA is committed to safety in the workplace each year as an exemplification of that commitment; PDCA awards those companies that place extraordinary focus on workplace safety. The PDCA Safety Awards are held in high esteem and are offered to present a clear indication of the importance PDCA places on workplace safety. Three (3) awards will be presented:  Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Part I - Using information from your OSHA 300 and/or other accidents records, a comparison will be made between your company and the national average for the painting & decorating profession and industry. The formulas provided (see glossary) represent percentages and will insure that all contractors can participate on an equal basis. From Workers' Compensation data, a calculation of the Experience Modification Rate (EMR) or Loss Ratio (LR) will provide a comparison of your company's history of losses.

Part II - Self-Audit of your safety program. This will provide PDCA will a measure of your efforts to prevent accidents.

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PDCA Safety Achievement Award Glossary


Award Submissions Accepted: July 1, 2017 - December 4, 2017




Complete the information below.  It relates to your accident and workers' compensation history.  All Contractors who have employed 11 or more employees at any one time during the previous year must have an OSHA 300 log.  Contractors with less than 11 employees can use other resources such as medical records, Workers' Compensation claims, etc.  Contact your Workers' Compensation carrier for information on your insurance figures


Complete the Self-Audit.  Safety and Health Program Self-Audit.  The safety actions which contribute to an effective safety program have been listed below in five (5) major categories.  Review the safety activities and check the items you have accomplished.  Add the values listed for the items you have checked. Total your score for each category and place a Grand Total for all categories at the end.

(Check if Completed)

(Check if Completed)

In addition to providing a benefit to the membership, PDCA uses the Safety Achievement Awards Program to identify educational needs of its members. Your comments or suggestions can help others and provide direction to PDCA for future publication.

Please identify specific procedures you have used to complete the safety activities required in each of the following categories (i.e. For our company policy we use the PDCA Employee Safety Handbook. All employees receive a copy and must return a signed copy of the page which contains the policy statement)

Feel free to add other comments.
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