"Safe With PDCA"

Planning your company’s route to safety? 

"Safe With PDCA" is a new partnership between PDCA and Safe-Way Consulting that provides education, a safety chat, and member savings for resources that your business can really use!

We believe that exceptional service and standards are achievable for every painting company when exceptional service is engineered with systems and processes that you control. "Safe With PDCA" will help you develop and maintain a safety plan for your business that will lower risks (and costs!), increase productivity, and boost employee morale. The following PDCA member-only benefits are a result of the collaboration between PDCA and Safe-Way that brings more member value to you!


 Safety Education/ OSHA Training

It is possible to create a workforce that consistently demonstrates desired behaviors.  

 Safety Chat 

Safe-Way is offering a Safety Chat for PDCA members and will answer your safety questions within 48 hours.     

 Enhanced Safety Resources

Premium safety resources with deep membership savings including online 10hr/30hr OSHA certified training, company safety portals (with safety app), safety talks, Safety Data Sheets, record-keeping logs, new-hire orientation, and chemical inventory logs. 

Safety Manual Samples

Exceptional service is achievable for every painting company because exceptional service is planned from systems and processes you control.  


 Safety and the Bottom Line