2018 PDCA Award Winner

Award: Commercial Wallcovering

Winner: Brick City Painting & Drywall, LLC

Brick City Painting took on this project that required a high level of wood wallcovering skill.  A specific process was required to assure a solid adhesion of the sensitive product. Brick City Painting takes pride in the level of skill they have to offer their clients, and they did not disappoint.

The client’s main concern was that there was going to be enough manpower to complete the project considering the extreme amount of wallcovering to be installed. This project presented a unique challenge in the variety of types of wallcoverings required. The wallcoverings were to be applied not only to a variety of walls, but also to ceilings. WoodCraft Wallcovering was applied to the ceiling, and upon the client seeing this, added a wall of the WoodCraft Wallcovering to a high traffic area for improved aesthetics.

Brick City Painting’s high level of credibility through previous clients and PDCA membership provided the client with the confidence and assurance that the job would be completed to the highest level of quality and standards.

Congratulations to Brick City Painting and Drywall, your work has earned you the 2018 PDCA PIPP Award for Commercial Wallcovering. 

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