2018 PDCA Award Winner

Award: Commercial Exterior

Winner: Paris Painting

Paris Painting was able to secure his bid by first demonstrating competency with the coating system to be used. They were able to show a timeline plan to detail how the project would be completed on time. Many multi-tenant references proved that Paris Painting was the right company for this job.

The building was built in 2000 and the substrate was experiencing a coating issue including the beginning of corrosion. Paris Painting was tasked with putting a new coating on all the iron work for the 39 balconies of the building. Surface prep included hand tool grinding down rusted areas. The existing sealants were removed and re-sealed.

The paint used was an A/B mix, thus only giving a short window to use the product before it completely hardened. This application time restraint combined with the logistical challenge of moving painters around on the boom lift proved that Paris Painting has exceptional experience with this kind of work and is able to execute it impressively.

The client was extremely pleased that the job was completed in a timely manner and that Paris Painting had positive interactions with the many tenants. Getting the job done before Memorial Day allowed the tenants to enjoy the holidays freely on their newly painted balconies.

Congratulations to Paris Painting, your work has earned you the 2018 PDCA PIPP Award for Commercial Exterior. 

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