This is the highest attainable award presented by PDCA.  Candidates shall be active or honorary members.  Staff, affiliate and associate members are not eligible.  The candidate shall have worked extensively on behalf of PDCA on a nationwide scale in volunteer or appointed capacity.  The candidate shall embody the integrity, professionalism and devotion to advancing the goals of PDCA that were exhibited by Mr. Quilici.

Criteria:  In general, the Outstanding Member recognition is awarded for life-time contributions.  Candidates shall be only active or honorary members.  The scale of achievement for eligibility must encompass a national realm, such as chairing committees, projects, programs, and/or serving as an officer or director.  The service must be performed with the utmost commitment and actions in express adherence to the Code of Ethics.

Nominations:  Nomination may be submitted by a member in good standing.

Award Nominations Accepted:  July 1, 2017 - December 4, 2017