2018 PDCA Award Winner

Award: Residential Interior

Winner: Palette Pro Painting & Renovation, Inc.

Palette Pro Painting and Renovation’s exceptional reputation and quality is the primary factor in securing them this new client. This home was built in 2008 and had previously only been painted once. The condition of the home called for prep work including caulking all seams on woodwork and filling cracks.

The clients’ main concern for the job was the time frame of the work being done. The family was moving into the home soon and needed to be settled in before the school year started. The project was completed on time and on budget, leaving the client very pleased with the end results.

This project required a high level of skill due to the amount of wallpaper installation, lacquer spray application, and Fine Paints application. All selections of wallpaper had a great deal of detailed patterns and delicate weaves that had to be carefully preserved.

Palette Pro followed PDCA Standards P1 and P6 for properly painted surface and acceptance of completed wallcovering installation in our contract. P5 was used for Fine Paints benchmark samples. P7 was used to complete this project in a timely manner by setting the sequence prior to the start of the job.

The client was left beyond pleased with the results because of Palette Pros high quality work and exceptional attention to detail.

Congratulations to Palette Pro Painting and Renovation, your work has earned you the 2018 PDCA PIPP Award for Residential Interior. 

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